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    I was reading online and it said that Im supposed to set eggs in the incubator trays with the rounder side up and pointier side down... is this correct? I normally try to lay them on their side on the trays... Please advise.
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    If you have a turner you set them big end up, pointy end down in the racks. If your hand turning just let them on the wire, I always keep the big ends towards the back of the bator and the pointy ends towards the front.

    A few people hatch in egg cartons now, I never have. The same would apply as setting in the turner.
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    Jul 5, 2009
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    Yes that is correct..bigger side up which ias where your Air Cell will form. If you don't have a turner so that your not keeping your bator open and losing heat and humidity you can get an egg carton and a knife and cut the bottom out of the carton as to copy an egg turner. This way you can reach in and turn the carton with the eggs in it. Place a piece of block to hold one side high.

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