Help! Questions about aggressive rooster and finding a friendly one

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    Our one rooster, "Romeo", is about 5 years old now and has the run and 11 other bantam cochin hens to himself. He was very friendly the first few years, but has since turned very aggressive, but only when you are walking away from him, maybe because he thinks his aggressive posturing worked and he has me or my husband on the run. I would rather not get rid of him, but don't want him to attack my 2 and 3 year olds if they go in to feed treats. Any advice on how to get him to calm down? Would getting another rooster concentrate his attention more on the other rooster than people? How difficult is it to find a bantam cochin rooster that will be friendly all their life, and do you think it is more determined by genetics, or by how much they are handled? I have definitely handled him less the past few years since I've become a mother.
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    There is no way to tell if a rooster will never be aggressive in its life span. I suggest having family members pick him up and hold him more. This may eventually get him to calm down over time.

    Introducing another rooster will only cause fighting and may not solve the problem at all.

    I like my mean roosters. I just let them do their business and eventually the calm down in a couple weeks.
    Being flogged once in a while is just part of chicken keeping.
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    I used to have an aggressive rooster (I re-homed him) and I the only thing that worked to get him to not attack me when I was in the coop was holding a large bath towel in front of me. He probably thought it was like a moving wall lol. But, that might not work. I have tried picking him up (it didn't work).
    Good Luck! [​IMG]
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    None of the methods of breaking a mean rooster will work on ALL of them as they are individuals. The only sure way that is universally effective is an ax. Since you don't like that idea, pen the little tyrant alone for a few months, away from human or hen contact. His mindset may be altered enough to help the situation..........Pop

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