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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bleenie, Jul 17, 2010.

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    So my favorite Muscovy Drake, Sidney was very ill last year and couldnt walk for nearly 2 weeks, since then he has not been able to mate, his thingy just didn't come out at all... I accepted the sad fact that i only have 2 babies form him and decided to keep him as a pet anyway. So far all of this years babies have been fathered by Angus.

    Well just a few minutes ago I watched him mount one of the hens and saw some "white stuff" and then his "thingy" actually came out! I swear it was a successfull breeding!! Is it possible that after all this time, he can actually breed again AND be fertile??

    I am thinking of seperating him with a hen to see if any of the eggs will develop but i would LOVE to hear any input from anyone that's had this happen before...

    (please read below for the explanation as to why I was watching the ducks "do it"..)
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    Check his prescriptions. He may have gotten access to Viagra.
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    Wow. [​IMG]
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    Yes, I am sure i sound liek a total freak weirdo. I normally wouldnt even pay attention to him but my mom has this stupid habit of freaking out everytime shes out here and sees one of the boys trying to mate with the girls..she has convinced herself that the boys are "raping" the girls because some of them are so rough. We just happened to be working out by the pen today and she started going off when Sid mounted Gaia and i was trying to explain to her that he wasn't mean liek the other boys and just as i said "see he's like asking for permission" i saw the "stuff and his thingy came out.

    I apologize if i sound liek a weirdo, but i was so devistated when i realized he was not able to breed after he was sick. It was gross but very exciting for me to see that he actually did it today. I only have 2 daughters from him and they're both such pretty, friendly girls. I am hoping he will prove fertile again and will be able to make more babies.

    Was just hoping to find someone that has had this happen before, I know a lot of times if a drake gets ill he is no longer able to "preform" anymore, and Sidney wasn't able to for a long time, until today.

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