help redesign my coop into a "free range coop"


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Oct 10, 2017
I have a coop of size 9x4 meters, with about 20 chicken that I keep inside all the time. the reason I keep them all inside is because the predator in my village (Human/Thief). my farm and my home is separated quite far, about 300 meters away. so I cant always watch them all day, especially at night.

Several days ago I visit and stay over for several days at one of farmer that have "free range" chicken on different city. and I surprised at how much he feed them, they almost eat nothing of the feeder he give, and that really made me want to try it but I have my village natural predator to watch out.

so I want to ask for advise since I cant take my chicken out of coop to free range the greens and bug, how about I bring that free range environment inside the coop.

note : my coop can get enough sun ray for the day, so I hope I can grow some plant that chicken will eat.
You could harvest greens and put them in the coop. I’ve had no luck growing new greens inside a pen occupied by chickens. Before we started to free range 6 hens could take down a 10 ft by 10 ft patch every 3 days. After freerange I noticed less feed being eaten and were able to reseed all the bare squares as well as a drastic reduction in bugs but have lost twice to predictors which really negates any saving on feed. I have no experience with redesigning a coop though other then the one I am trying to get done currently. Is there any village law enforcement that could take care of the human predator?
Check out a chicken tractor. I have a friend in Lancaster, SC that builds them. They are portable and the chickies can be moved around the yard to "free range". Good luck.

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