help! remedies for avocado consumption

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    Mar 21, 2013
    hi was hoping there would be something to help, my little bantams have consumed 1 avocado, partner didn't realize they were toxic< this was 24 hours ago, poorly birds now with runs and swollen neck chests, usually free range have kept them in the pen this morning, given them spinach only and some carbo veg in the water, does any one know what stages there are after avocado poisoning?
    Any advise be great thanks.

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    Here's a link for you to read through:
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    Chickens seem less susceptible to the toxins in avocado than other birds (such as parrots). Of course, it's still not good to risk it, but the toxins seem to be concentrated most around the pit and the skins. If they seem all right, they will probably be okay. The swollen neck is probably the crop and if so might be totally normal- I have posed here about how to feel the crop:

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