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Aug 16, 2012
When I went out to check on my hens this morning, I noticed that a couple of them sound mucousy and another on was sneezing. I also noticed that they are standing around sleeping more than normal. About a week ago they all stopped suddenly laying, which I put down to time of year, but now that I see I've got something respiratory going on what do I do? I have nine hens total, six rir, one chantecler, one ee, one rsl. All are over a year, except the ee who is just started to grow small wattles and I'm guressing to be 4-5 months. thanks


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I would first determine if it's something environmental causing the symptoms you described, such as; ammonia fumes from soiled bedding, previous pesticide use on the ground, pollen, inhalation of feed dust etc...all of these situations can be corrected or eliminated.
If you determiine that it's not environmental, then it could possibly be a respiratory problem. Here's a link to respiratory diseases in chickens. Read up on Infectious Coryza, Infectious Bronchitis (IB,) and Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG.)
Keep in mind that there are different strains, mild to wild, and symptoms may vary with each disease. Treatments are listed. However, the only way to tell for sure what you're dealing with is to have bloodwork or necrospy performed on your sickest chicken. You can contact your local extension office or your state department of agriculture to find out how to go about doing this. If it is determined that it's a respiratory disease, you can treat or cull them.
Remember and practice biosecurity.
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