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Hi all, I posted around a week and a half ago about a bantam silkie roo that I have that I suspect has either NewCastles or a severe sinus infection. I went out of town 3wks ago and came home to my roo with a very swollen pus filled eye and nasal cavity. Fast forward 3wks and here we are. It has now spread to his other eye and I've seen NO improvement with the terramycin in his water and in ointment form twice a day in his eyes. I'm hot compressing them daily (sometimes twice) and snot and pus come squirting out. I've squirted water and tylan 50 into his nares (with his head down) for the past 2days to no avail. I've been cleaning out his sinus cavity in the roof of his beak, sometimes alot comes out, sometimes very little. He has now been on Tylan 50 injectable for 4days~I have been giving it orally rather than subcu...and he's been getting .5ml/cc.

I live in Milwaukee and work with not 2 but 3 vets and none of them have been ANY help. I haven't found a vet in my area that will treat him. I realize most people lob their heads off when they're this sick but Dilly is still eating and drinking so I can't give up just yet. He has a crooked beak and can't crow which has enabled him to live undercover in the city for some time
Anyhow, any advice would be great. His sinuses feel hard and his eyelids are puffy. He can barely see but is still hangin on...Is is safe to increase the Tylan amount or perhaps how often? Also, I've been doing VetRX for the duration in case that helps. ANY INPUT IS GREAT, I'VE GOT NOTHIN TO GO ON

ps-I'm assuming my guy has withered down to around a pound though he is eating his eggs...

thanks SO MUCH in advance!

pps-how the heck do I find this post again easily?? (new to this...
Poor guy. And you are very devoted to deal with all that pus.

I saw something on the forums about eye worm, I believe, and the pics showed lots of pus. You may want to do a search on that. But that might explain why the Tylan isn't working, since you have to use a type of wormer. BTW I don't think you can actually see the worms in the eye, just all the pus, still if vets took a sample and looked under a microscope already it seems that their lab would have found worms so I don't know.

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I hope your roo gets better soon.
UPDATE! He's still miserable
I'm wondering if it would be safe to increase his Tylan dosage as I feel desperate to see some change. He's still eating, but needs to have the food right in front of his face to see it. I feel terrible digging around in his eyes and sinus cavities constantly...

I uploaded an image to 'my page' but now can't figure out how to get it onto my posting...
You can try worming him, not sure if that's the problem or not but I would definitely add vitamins and electrolytes to his water.

Other than that the only I can think of is a virus, which antibiotics wouldn't help, which could be why you aren't seeing an improvement... With a virus they will either make it or won't, and he could become a carrier for the rest of his life infecting any other chickens he comes in contact with.

You can read more about chicken diseases here:

The only other option I can provide is that if he DOESN'T make it, send him to your states Health and Food Safety Laboratory, they will do a necropsy for free to find out what it is your fighting, all you have to pay for is shipping to send him.

Sorry about your guy.
Isnt it terrible?! The dark scabby part in above pic is where the vet attempted to aspirate. I personally feel that the infection was too thick and the needle to thin to do anything but further damage the area. Again, still eating and drinking but stinky and miserable


is there any way to open it up?? I keep squirting out infection ranging from pus to cheese but theres so much more....
is that a scab by the beak? if so maybe he has an infection and needs antibotics? if its crd you can use denagard or tylan 50 but i would give it in the neck or breast for 3 to 5 days. You can drop it in the eye as well but it sounds like tylan is not working. Good luck!
Dilly is wheezing and almost making a whisling noise as his nares are so wondering if i haven't seen as much improvement as I'd like because I went orally rather than subcu? He's just a bony guy now, so I figured orally was a safer bet...

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