Help Roos or not what breed do you think was told they were leghorns?


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Jun 1, 2009

Ok they are all 9.5 weeks no crowing yet ! One gonna crow anyday now Im sure. The last picture if the chicken I think may be a hen but I may be wrong, there are 2 others like her with out the red comb or waddles all the other fully white ones show red waddles and combs. Please help me if you can
These are all guesses

Solid white chick- Leghorn rooster pic 4- perching may be a pullet

White chick with black on neck/tail- Delaware rooster

Red chicks- Rhode Island Red pic 1- rooster pic 2-3 pullet

The Leghorn males will probably start crowing first, as they develop very quickly.

Good luck with your birds,
The red one(s) look like pullets to me. The white one perched on the tub looks like a pullet. 1 see one white rooster and the white with black spots chick is a rooster. Or at least these are my guesses.

Nice kids. :)
Yes breakfast is better looking like I might have to start seperating them. One of my poor brown ones lost its tail feathers lastnight. When I let them out I had 3 crows. Now I guess I got to build a rooster camp and get me some more hens!
the pure white with big combs are leghorn roosters. one on tub is leghorn hen. i got about 20 the same age.are yours all skitzy. i cant even pick em up they go crazy.

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