Help rooster dying!


Jun 9, 2020
Several days ago our Bard-rock rooster started acting sick I thought it was worms and we needed to do our second round anyway so I de-wormed him but... this evening he was lying on the ground and flies were buzzing around him.
Before now I saw that his poop was off, like brown and runny.
He is a light weight rooster but he feels lighter now.
He has been walking around kinda lethargic.
Nobody is else acting bad.

This evening when I saw him there was a bunch of grey maggoty looking things(I didn't look long enough to be sure)above his vent, I think, and at the base of some of his feathers something like that but white.
I will try to get pictures.
I'm short on time so what I would like is any ideas y'all have as to what this is/what caused it?
I would ask for treatment but I don't think he will last the night. :(
Thank y'all in advance for any advice!

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