HELP! Rooster problem!

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    Oct 15, 2011
    A few months ago I got three chickens. One turned out to be a rooster and was too loud and we thought the neighbors would be mad and complain so we gave him back the person we got him from. Now it turns out that another one is a rooster I don't want to get rid of him too and leave my one chicken alone until my dealer gets more silkies what do I do!
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    Depending on your relationship with your neighbor, I would talk to them, tell them that you are looking for a home for the roo, but that you don't want to have him gone until he can be replaced so your hen is not lonely. They may say "Sure no problem" Or maybe the roos don't bother them, unless you know they do bother them. Probably best to bring it up to them so they know that you care about whether its a problem or not. Silkies are so hard to tell whether they are roos or hens, I sold all but 2 of my silkie chicks that my dd's wanted to keep and wouldnt you know the ones we kept were both roos! Now no silkie leaves my yard until they crow~!
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    Well, you might be in spot. Can you can have roosters? If not you will have to tread carefully. You could black him out during quiet hours, by keeping in the dark. Roosters will crow any time (day or night). Mine crow at night and 3am, I have a street/security light that tricks them. Night time is the main time that his crow would bother many people. You could ask your neighbors if he is a bother. Or, just get rid of him. Other than that, I have no clue. I can keep rooster where I live.
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    So, how is the situation?

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