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May 15, 2011
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I have a few questions about this disese. Do all chickens have it? How can a human contact it? And if you have had it before, what are the symptoms.
Salmonella is present everywhere. You have it in your mouth, hands, poop, etc.

Not all chickens "have" it, in the sense where it becomes problematic. My understanding is that if the flock becomes infected with it, there is a pretty high mortality rate. Otherwise, salmonella is present at normal levels, and should be a non-issue for you, so long as you aren't eating chicken poop.

That is: wash your hands regularly, and you don't need to worry.
See I thought that no matter what every chicken had it and it wasn't harmful to them. That's why u have to cook chciken all the way? Man I am so lost
You have to cook your food because bacteria and parasites are present everywhere, not just in chicken.

And not just salmonella.
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Our govt has gotten people to fear salmonella in a wonderful way these past couple of decades..why? To impose more control and laws. People have been living just fine around chickens, livestock, etc..having their small children help on the farms..for anti bacterial anything. Avoiding it often makes people weaker, not stronger. People have had unrefrigerated eggs, eaten raw eggs, etc way before the govt decided to tell us to worry. Many countries have no refrigeration, etc like we have and they raise livestock just fine. Think about all the nations that eat tons of raw meat..and they don't have electricity like we do....

I think I actually got a bout with some type of food poisoning last night. I felt awful, hot, cold, queezy, messed up ate some ice cream and raisin bran..drank a lot of water..and today I am fine..and I know resistance is stronger.

I would not worry about it..and yes, I let the kids lick the bowl.
Well I was wondering because I have been having a lot of the symptoms of salmanilla. Extreme abdominal cramps (feels like labor) diaherrea that is mucusy, nausia, fever. The odd thing is I'm the only one with it so I figured it can't be a virus cause someone else would have gotten it by now. I feel like poop all day. Been going on for 2 days now. So that's why I was wondering.
If you are healthy and practice good hygiene, you shouldn't worry much about it.

I have had salmonella, but I have an immune deficiency that makes me susceptible to infections and illnesses. The symptoms I suffered were severe diarrhea 8-10 times per day, lethargy (I slept about 20 hours per day and was very tired the 4 hours I was awake), body pain, extreme joint pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and weight loss. I had it for about a month and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. It is not a mild illness.

You are more likely to get salmonella from poor food handling than from handling chickens. I am susceptible enough that I will not pay for food at the grocery store if the bagger puts veggies or foods that don't get cooked in with raw meats or eggs. I'm sure more than one cashier or bagger has desperately gone on break when they see me walk in since I have given more than a few a lesson on proper food handling (as politely as possible, of course, I do try not to be nasty about it).
If you really think that is what you have, your doctor can give you a fecal sample collection kit. You give them a sample and they can test for salmonella, among other things.
See I have no insurance and am short on cashing being a mom of 4. So unless its gonna kill me I struggle through it. And from what I read it comes and goes on its own. But I just wanted to hear from others to see what they experienced when they had it. Or when someone they knew had it. And kinda try to figure out how I could have gotten it.
I was in a situation like that several years ago; hubby lost his job, we had four kids and no means. Have you looked into Medicaid? In Florida, your whole family might be able to get sponsored insurance depending on your income and your children will almost certainly be eligible, even if you aren't. When we were in dire straights, my hubby and I couldn't get on Medicaid in our state, but it was a Godsend having our kids on it, especially since my youngest son cracked his skull during that period of time!

If you have salmonella like I did, it will get progressively worse and you will not have a choice but to go to the hospital. I do hope what you have is something that will pass. if your diarrhea is just due to some tummy upset, a banana with each meal should help. Also, eat yogurt to keep up the good flora in your gut, which will help your immune system. Best wishes.

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