Help setting up coop n' run in apartment...


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Is their a common ground in the complex to put a coop up? I know some apartments complex allowed community garden on the common roof deck. If so, be sure you have the grace approval too from the landlord.

Keeping them inside FULL grown as a small flock will be a nightmare. They poop more and the dropping are larger. Might stink up inside the apartment with little ventilation inside.
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Get a bunny or guinea pig if you want inside pet please.
Quail can work well too for apartments - they don't need as much space and are much quieter as a bonus.

They are a few things too consider for keeping chickens indoors, especially in a apartment. The noise is a big factor through the walls. Don't expect people to ignore it, a squawk waking somebody up in the early hours of the morning will cause a lot of people to be unhappy.

Chicken nappy's are a thing, that you may want to put in place. This may help with cleanliness. Chickens also need to dust bathe, this helps with keeping mites and lice at bay. While providing enrichment.

Dedicate a room for them with roosts. This is were they can sleep at night.

Remember, the best thing for chickens is being outside.

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We kept a rooster inside. But that was just one rooster. And he made a lot of noise. You're going to have multiple roosters in that bunch, in all likelihood. But I've seen it done with rabbits, and everyone was ok.

First, I'd attempt to rehome some, if not all of them. One or two will be much easier to manage than 7. The noise alone will be enough to drive anyone insane. Even the females. My Silkies are the noisiest birds I have. And you will have roosters, you know. I don't need to explain the problem that fact poses.

If you are determined, I'd look into getting one or two of those puppy play pens and configure it in a way that will keep them contained when you need them contained.

Then I'd invest in chicken diapers. Not the cutest ones. They are hard to clean. Get the ones from Avian Fashions. Expensive, yes, but fully adjustable.

Let them run around. Give them a place to roost, a feeder with some sort if tray underneath to catch the mess, and a nipple waterer with another tray to catch that mess, too. Snd be prepared to clean those diapers at least 2x a day, if not more frequently.

And don't be hard on yourself if you can't do it. Chickens aren't meant to be indoor pets. Certainly not a whole flock of them. My teeny tiny hens sound like car alarms when they lay. The whole valley rings with their exuberant cries. That is not an exaggeration.

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