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    Mar 24, 2011
    I have a couple of light brown large eggs in my incubator, they were in a raised nest with a buff brahma sitting on them when I found them (as well as several other eggs) - she wasn't being broody, rather she ws just laying her own egg among the others. Assuming that they were from my RIR I scooped them up and put them all in the incubator- my current 11 eggs put in on 4/1. My son decided he wanted eggs today, so I decided to crack into a few of the large brown eggs in my fridge. They had a "different" taste to them. Not bad, just um heavier, I can't really describe it. Then I was sitting around wondering when my muscovy duck would start laying....

    Does anyone know/have pictures of muscovy duck eggs?
    At what age do they start laying? (mine were born on 7/3/11 and 7/11/11)
    How will I know if they are large chicken or duck eggs?
    Is it safe to keep the large eggs going after the rest hatch if they are infact duck eggs?
    Do Muscovies generally lay on the ground?
    Does anyone have muscovies that lay in raised nestig boxes?

    I am sure I will have more questions. lol.

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