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5 Years
Oct 3, 2014
We've just hatched three chicks. Its the first time we've done it. We have been trying to sex the chicks, and looked at videos on youtube. To be honest we're quite new to this and aren't really sure. We've been told that you can tell the sex of a chick from its wings (primary feathers). We've included a photo of each chicks primary feathers. We would be really grateful if someone could help us.
Thanks Mike and Haley

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Glad you joined the flock. You would be best posting in the above section link. What breed gender section. Sorry but I'm not that clued up on feather sexing but I'm sure someone will be able to help you with your question. Good luck with your chicks in the future :frow
In order to have feather sexable chicks the parents must be of specific and different genetic make-up. It is doubtful that your parent stock meets those requirements and that combination.. Thus your chicks sexes can not be determined by this method.
There are many expert articles regarding this on the Internet, complete with pictures. Seldom does one see a correct explanation of this situation on sites where the inexpert armatures speculate and relate without in depth knowledge of the practice.
Thanks for your replies. We're new to this and your help is appreciated. We haven't had much luck with sexes of chickens. We bought what we thought was three pullets from auction and they turned out to be cockerels. Oops!!
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The other posters are correct- feather sexing only works on certain breeds/crosses. But, in 6 or so weeks, we should be able to help you out! Be on the lookout for a reddening comb, tall stance, and slow growth. All these can indicate a male.
Glad you joined us!

X2 on Wyandottes7's advice. Good luck with your chicks!
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