help sexing muscovy's


13 Years
Aug 30, 2010
Hastings, Ontario
hi guys/girls

ok i could use some help... my wife and I are fairly new to chickens and we are having fun with them...well a few weeks ago a guy we know gave us 2 male muscovy's there brothers and get along fine tomorrow we are going to get some females from a young lad....but he dont sound real sure if he knows what ones are male or female. he has 30 to pick from....
..I have no clue how to tell the difference..(beside's trying to fine the obvious, and i am not sure it would be the obvious..

we are going to pick up 12 from him ...we want 6 for the farm and 6 are going to freezer camp...
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How old are they ? Males are about twice the size of the girls. If that helps any. If they are very young it will be hard to tell, but if they are young pick out the ones with smaller legs and feet..other than that,
unless you know how to vent sex them.
OK. look for the smaller ones, they should also have smaller feet and a more rounded head, shorter in the length of the body and tail.
I wish you had pics we all here(BYC Scovie Peeps) could probably pick them out for you...LOL
At 16 weeks you should easily be able to tell the difference. Females will be smaller and dantier, wheras males will be twice the size and longer, broader, thicker throughout. Perhaps the breeder will be able to help show you the difference?

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