Help! Should I intervene hatching chick?


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5 Years
Apr 3, 2014
I just got home and started talking to my eggs who still haven't hatched and before I knew it, there was a hole in one of my eggs! Right now it kind of looks like two slits but I can see a bit of white and it concerns me because I don't want the membrane to dry out but she chirped and is still shaking inside the egg so I don't know what to do?? I'll post a pic soon if I can get one so that you guys can see the white part I'm talking about
Okay. I know it's a bit soon because it just started, but I wanted to be sure. This is my first hatch and they are a bit late

This is what the pip looks like
If I used a syringe to squirt water through the air holes and into the trough, would that help?
If it hatches completely during the night, should I put it in the brooder after it dries, or is waiting til morning okay to put it in there?

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