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I <3 my EEs

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Aug 21, 2011
I have a EE rooster that is beautiful. he is still a baby, just started crowing. When he is older, I want to show him. Do I need to cut his spurs for a show, to prevent injuries or do judges like to see spurs? also what else do i need for a show, i know i should handle him (i plan on doing that when he is bigger and old enough to free range) and wash him 3 days before the show, put baby oil or vasaline on his legs and ALWAYS check for lice and mites. anything else?
Just so you know, EE's aren't an accepted breed or variety, so he would have to be shown in AOV and can't win the big awards.

Don't trim the spurs. Handle him a lot so he is used to it and he shouldn't harm the judges. Seems like you got everything else covered, though I don't put anything on my bird that isn't there naturally (i.e. baby oil). If my bird isn't good enough they way it is, so be it.
alright thanks! im a first timer chicken shower so i would probably be better off at AOV shows or county fairs where its no all "breeder quailty"

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