Help! Sick and dying peeps!


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Jun 12, 2009
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I bought some cochin and buff peeps from the same source 2 weeks ago, and then some more a week later. They started dying one or two at a time right after purchasing them. They are on medicated feed, grit for peeps, under a heat lamp, and now getting a liquid product, sulfa something for cochsidia(sp) None of this is helping. The peeps will seem perfectly fine, until they're not. They will seem to get sleepy, stop eating and then be dead within a day. I have lost at least 15 of them. I spoke with a friend who got some peeps from the same woman and she is having the same problem. The woman I bought them from claims not to be having any problems with her peeps. Somehow I doubt this. I have other peeps (from another source) in a seperate brooder, but in the same room and none of them have gotten sick. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be and how to treat it?
I'm so heart-breaking.
I don't know what's wrong with them, but there are some things you can try that MIGHT help...

Feed crumbled hard-boiled egg yolk (for energy, vitamins)
Give bird vitamins, or Poly Vi Sol vitamins (a few drops on the beak)
Put Vitamin/Electrolyte powder in their water, I bought mine at the feed store
Give them Yogurt (probiotics, can help with cocci or other internal problems)

That's off the top of my head...I'll post more if I think of anything else....
Oh, they probably don't need grit yet unless you are feeding them treats other than their Medicated Starter. If you are giving them other treats, I would stop that until they are doing better....except of course, egg yolk or yogurt, or what ever else you might be treating them with. And those things don't require grit.
Agreed with TXMom.

Can you get a chick tested? (Refrigerate it, not freeze it, take it to the vet.) It might save your flock - including your other birds.

It could just be a very weak line of breeding, or there could be something more than coccidiosis wrong. (By the way, what are their droppings like exactly?)

Since your other friend is having the same issues, were I you I'd both of you go and confront her at once. Be sure to ask to see that her chickens were tested and certified through the NPIP process, usually required in each state whenever chickens are sold. If she's unable to show you that they were tested, let the board know and we'll see where to go from there.
First, thank you, everyone for your kind words and advice. I have an egg boiling as we speak. I did confront her. She claims that her chickens have been tested, and swears nothing is wrong with her flock. In so far as these peeps, a few of them have had "poopy bottoms" - where the poop has been stuck to them. My friend has had the same problem. But this doesn't happen with all of them that have gotten sick.

I gave the peeps both yogurt and some hardboiled egg last night. Went down this morning, and so far, no more have survived. If it's warm enough today, I think I'll put them outside for some fresh air today.

Thanks again for everyone's input and help. Keep your fingers crossed.
What is the sulfa something that you are giving them ? And why are you giving them the sulfa something ? Is your friend giving his/her chicks the sulfa something ?

What are you using for bedding ?

I sure hope you figure out what is going on here .
Yes, my friend is giving it. The bottle is out in the shed, so I'll have to look later as to the name. Some of the peeps had very loose poop, thought that they might have cocsidia (sp). I'm using shavings and newspaper for bedding, my friend is using pine shavings.

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