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    Aug 11, 2013
    My Rhode Island Red hen, Baby, hasn't been feeling well the last few days. She has a pale comb, is weak and lays down a lot, decreased egg production, her comb always sticks up but is now flopped over, and has green diarrhea. Yesterday I took her inside and put her in a dog kennel with plenty of food and water for a few hours to rest. In the evening I put her back in the coop. Today she didn't look as bad but still weak so I took her in and she will stay over night. Over the winter she got sick a few times and we had to take a syringe to feed her otherwise she would've died from starvation and dehydration. Therefore she doesn't have the strongest immune system. We checked her feces for worms but she didn't have any. What disease does she have? How can I help her?
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Even if you didn't see worms in her droppings, she may still have worms. However, I am hesitant to suggest worming her now, because she is so weak.

    The green diarhea is occurring because she isn't eating enough. Try to entice her into eating with scrambled eggs, yogurt, applesauce, and moistened chicken feed. I'd get some electrolytes and probiotics, too.

    Check her crop. Is it bulging or squishy? Either symptoms could indicate a crop problem, like impacted crop or sour crop.

    How old is your hen? She may just be getting too old, or have something wrong with her internally.

    Best wishes for you and your hen!
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Worcester, UK
    Also, have you checked your henhouse for signs of red mite and the hen for signs of mite or lice....these can literally suck the life out of your chickens! They are rife this time of year here in the UK, not sure about where you are but it's definately worth checking.

    I agree with Wyandottes7 too, you need to get her to eat lots of egg and yoghurt (natural) to help combat her weakness while you figure this one out. I also use canary vitamin drops in the egg when I get a poorly girl, seems to perk tham up well. x

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