Help!! Sick duckling, Idk whats wrong or what to do!


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Lake Placid FLorida
The other day I found one of my cayugas laying on his side almost dead, I brought him inside got a light on him and got fluids in him. He's awake, active, Eating and Drinking very well. BUT HE CANT WALK!! his legs isnt broken and he doesnt appear to be in any pain but he cant walk at all! he can stand if I have my hand in there for him to lean on but he wont put weight on his right leg but he can move it and kick the bowl around in his box.. He has a fever, One of my other ducklings did this about 2 weeks ago and she died within a few hours I thought he would to but its been 2 days (3 tomorrow) and he still hasnt improved.. I checked his hip to and he doesnt act like its in pain and he can move everything but wont use that leg to stand or walk. I checked his foot to. Nothings in it and he doesnt have bumblefoot.. stands but if I take my hand away he goes right back on his side and starts kicking wanting to get up. All he can do is lay in the box next to the food and water bowl so he can eat and drink..
Just a update... He's doing very well now, He had a high temperature, I finally got that gone, I rigged a piece of cardboard box so that it was where he couldnt lay over he had to sit up, Gave him a couple days rest and then started taking him in the yard for exercise, Well now hes back to walking! I didnt know he was even walking till I heard the clothes basket fall over (I was asleep so I didnt really reacte fast) then I started hearing quacking beside my bed! Looked down and he was standing there wagging his tail looking at me LOL
Hes still a lil clumsy but hes getting and gotten ALOT better

Anyone got a duck diaper?? Think I got a new pet
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