Help! Sick hen, no clue what it is


May 10, 2015
We have a small flock of 5 chickens, all hens, and one of them suddenly seems very sick. When I went to let them out to roam she stayed inside and seemed disinterested. She made weak whiny-sounding clucks, which is odd since she's always very loud, and I noticed her beard feathers (she's an ameraucana) were wet and stringy. When she finally came out of the pen her walk was lopsided, and her wings were slightly open. Her stool is extremely watery as well, she hasn't laid an egg in days, and she's pretty disinterested in food and water, and pretty much everything else. She seems dazed. We're going to quarantine her in case whatever she has is contagious and we're giving them all antibiotics. Here's a few pictures of her:

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