Help?!? Sick hen with lame leg and passing tumour like lumps


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6 Years
May 5, 2013
Hey guys,
I have a 2.5 year old rhode island x who has been looking a bit off lately. She was taken to the vet some months ago and put o antibiotics and seemed to be on the mend. However since winter she has been progressively getting worse. She has lost some weight and has thin legs with one now slightly dragging when she walks. She is sitting down alot but is otherwise fine - eats and drinks well.
One thing i noticed was she is pooing these little tumour like things (size of a small blueberry) and her wattle is quite droopy.

She is getting slowly worse but then will randomly pick up again. I have read up on Mareks and im very worried she could have it. Has anyone ever come across this??? Any advice will be welcome! I have been feeding her a powdered multivitamin in the water, laying pellets and vegies/ bread soaked with water.

Thanks in advance
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