help sick pekin duck


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
I have a year old pekin duck.....for two.days now she hasnt quacked and is gulping/gasping....what i mean by that is she is opening her beak and sticking tounge out. She is also very off balance. She falls over using her wings her. Ive looked down her throat i cant see
Anything.....i have her seperated in a large dog cage in my garage with a heat lamp and straw with food and please!!!


10 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Nova Scotia
Gasping makes me think of gape worm:

As for stumbling, Im not sure. Perhaps she is under weight and weak? Check her to see if she feels bony and skinny.

Is there discharge, runny nose, diarrhea?

In extreme cases Aspergillosis may be the cause. I would not panic about that though. I would suggest using a tiny amount of ivermectin for the possibility of gape worm.

This condition occurs when ducks inhale spores produced by the mold (fungi) Aspergillus (Aspergillus fumigatusis the common species) that grows on damp straw or feed. These inhaled spores cause multiple nodules or plaques in the lungs and air sacs. Common signs include gasping, listlessness and dehydration. The best solution to prevent aspergillosis is to avoid using moldy straw and preventing feed from getting wet.
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