Help! Silkie was attacked by a cat!

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    Nov 20, 2015
    Hi everyone,

    I had a horrible event with my white silkie hen yesterday. I only have 2 silkie hens at the moment and I let them both free range for a couple hours supervised.

    Yesterday I was distracted momentarily as I have a young child and I heard a giant screech. I ran to the backyard and saw a giant trail of white feathers and my other silkie hiding behind the shed so I knew something had got her.

    I saw the neighbours fat black cat carrying her by the neck through gardens and over fences. Eventually the cat released her underneath a bush a couple doors down where 3 cats sat!! I knocked the neighbours door and they helped me get to her and luckily she was alive albeit terrified but it seemed like she only had a little bite or claw mark on her ear and a broken feather pin on her neck.

    I bathed her wound in saline solution and got rid of the blood, dried her off and added some antiseptic, kept her in the warm overnight. She had a little bit of cheese from my hand but other than that wouldn't eat or drink. I found an egg this morning where I had left her(very pale for her)but today she is still not eating or drinking and is very still. When i put her in a place she just sits there responding to nothing! She's fluffed up but can't be broody as she laid today and isn't squatting or moaning. She literally just sits and won't move.

    The attack was almost 24 hours ago, other chicken is fine around her. Is this normal? I have rang vet just incase and have an appointment later but i wanted some input from you guys too.

    Thank you in advance
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    [​IMG] Sorry for the circumstances. She may very well still be in shock. Keep her warm in a quiet secure place until the vet visit. Good luck.

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