help! smallest chick attackin' all the others!


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May 25, 2009
Southwestern, In
Help! I put my 3 week old chicks in the coop last night, they're in a play yard inside the coop to givem' more room... anyway, pablo, our smallest chick was attackin whoever he could catch! He was grabbin' them by the bck of the neck! It was aweful! He (I think its a she..) attacked the much larger male BO & the female one too, And also our RIR hen, and the mottled jap banties? I grabbed him (or her) out of their before he killed someone! i think I calmed him down, I puthim back in about 1 min. later and he (or she) seemed calmer... Why is he doing this all of a sudden? & what should I do if anything?
New area new pecking order do not worry about it. If he is a roo he is acting normal when just finding it out. Roos grab hens neck feathers to mate with them.
I know this sounds cruel but it sometimes works. Catch the chick and hold it upside down in front of the other chickens. A little humility goes a long way. I read about this here and it seems to work. I've done that with a couple of meanies and they calmed down. It took a couple of times with one of my roosters.

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