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    I have two three month old supposedly Pilgrim geese,(but they diffidently do not look like them), probably a mixed breed, but that's besides the point because we absolutely love them but anyhow I always let them out in the morning and noticed the one will start squawking and run in circles with the inside leg (left) staying stationary. I thought at first she might have stepped on a bee, however she has done this several times now in the past couple hours. I am really nervous. I have never had geese before and the only behavior I know this to have happened to is a girlfriend who's dog did the same thing and it ended up being a brain aneurysm. Is this possible or am I over reacting. Thank you in advance.

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    it really does sound like a neurotic - brain, problem, but I've never heard of this... maybe someone will know. so I would google it... sorry! jenn
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    I have a barred rock hen that's done something like this since she was a chick. She runs in tight circles. She almost always does the circles clockwise. She does it when she gets excited, is really happy, or is scared. She's around 2 1/2 years old now and she is completely normal in every other respect. I just call her a nervous ninny.
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    Try giving her Poly vi sol without iron. Maybe a syringe full once a day for a nearly full grown goose. OR if you can find avian vitamins that would be better. But Poly vi sol works too.

    I had a duck who did this and the vitamins really made a huge difference.
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    Spinning - amoungst other symptoms- is a sign of Thiamine deficiency. Of course your goose may be spinning for other reasons- but giving it some vitamins for a few days at least should give you an indication as to if any improvement is being made.

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