Help...Sportsman 1202...good? bad? so should I buy it???


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Big Sur, CA
I've been looking to buy a sportsman...
I found a used 1202 with an acrylic this a good one? i think it has a electronic thermo, is this ok?
Who has one...let me know what you think!
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Well nobody answered me, so I bought is 8yrs old and needs to be cleaned but otherwise looks ok...i'll clean it and plug it in this afternoon...I paid 260 for it so I sure hope it works well!
Sorry for the lack of response:( But frankly I don' t know much about this. All i can say is give it a go and let me know how it turns out!
if it works heck no u did great!!
i have 2- 1202's but mine r double waffers cuz they r origionals and have wood doors(i hate that we r going to modify them). if ur's was upgrated that's even better yet, woot!! we have never had a prob with ours, one is prob 15-20 years old and newer one about 6-8 years old now if i remember right. u will love it!!!! if u have any probs let me know and pm me. we know how to take apart and repair if needed and can tell ya how to make the fan motor last even longer.
Is that the one that was on the Reno Craigslist that he wanted to trade for guns? If so that looked nice with all the upgrades. I was wishing I had the $$ for it. Let us know how it is!

Reno CL...Yup that's the one!
So glad to hear that you have older ones that are still going! Phew...that was my only worry...
Don't have it running, but he had it going when I came to get it so I know the heat and fan and turner work...He had used it to hatch gamebirds 1000's of them when he lived in AZ...said he had a few bad hatches only because he did something dumb
aka the humidity was really low because it ran out of water, oops! It does come with the reserve tank to keep water level which is good because our normal humidity is about 10-20% with no water added...eek...
It is pretty dirty so I'll clean it up and away I go! I have so many eggs right now I have been moving each batch to the hatcher as soon as it's done and hand turning...ugh...
No more egg juggling! There are more cochins coming in the mail this week too!
And thank you silkiechick for the help I may need to get some pointers from u!

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