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10 Years
Feb 14, 2009
Palm Beach County
A month old chick just had the hutch top fall down onto her. How can I tell if she has anything broken? Or there's internal bleeding

She ran after I got the top off of her but since I've caught her, she's been lethragic and hasn't moved. Her eyes are normal and she occasionally chirps.

She's been panting really bad though and isn't reactive when I wave my hand at her on either side. She stands up fine but is prefering to lay down
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Internal injuries are certainly a possibility. I'd bring her inside and put her on a heating pad on low (under 1/2 the box or carrier) and give her some time. You should know by tomorrow if she'll be OK. A drop of Rescue Remedy can't hurt. Good luck.
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She's alive!
Still a bit shocked seeming. She drinking fine I haven't seen her eat but her crop feels like she's got food in her. I'm guessing she needs lots of time to get her bearings better
Chickens are amazingly resilient. She is probably in shock, like after being in a car accident. Sounds like you are doing the right thing, so just keep it up until she has time to recover. You may want to give her a drop or two of Polyvisol liquid baby vitamins (without iron) each day to strengthen her immune system.
When mine are not eating well for some reason, i wet their food and make a mash and they usually will start to eat. Good luck with your bird. Sometimes they recover from stuff you think they could never survive. Other days, they are perfectly fine and take a nap and wake up dead. You never know.
I did the mash but no good it was ignored. She did eat a bit of yogurt when her beak was dipped in it. She is interacting with some of the calmer chicks in the cage she's in. They huddle around her which makes a cute image since they look about half her size.

We're going to the feed store today to buy another bag of starter for them. Then getting a chick med kit started up. Going to look for that Polyvisol and Rescue remedy to add into it

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