Help!! Strange/worrying poop!!!😞 *Graphic Pics!*

Feb 28, 2020
Australia, QLD
Hey everyone. Recently I discovered strange poop in my chicken (Honey). On the grass in front of the patio this morning, she was struggling to poo. She was sitting in an egg laying position as is she wanted to lay - but she didn't want to lay. At the moment, she has a pooey bum. The poor thing. She has got a pooey bum before and I cleaned it (jeez, that was a mission!!!). Now its back, because she went broody. I've blocked off her broody area so she can't go back there. But now she is struggling to poo because the poo sticks to her bum. I feel really bad for little Honey. The worst thing was that this morning I saw her trying to poo (it was stuck again). And when I pulled it free (bare fingers, we have no gloves :sick), there was spaghetti like stuff in it. It was like flat spaghetti, not round. We don't feed them pasta. I worry that it is some sought of worm. I am going to worm all of them now. Any suggestions? I am really worried for little Honey. Sorry, no pics just one of Honey.
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What you describe and what I see in the picture seems to be tapeworms, so make sure to get a dewormer containing Praziquantel.
I just saw that you are living in Australia and might just as well get Flubendazole/Flubenole 5%.
1,2 g Flubenole5% per kg feed for 7 consecutive days, feeding only the medicated food, no treats or other things on the side.

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