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Dec 4, 2007
Any idea what breed she is? I call her Henrietta. A friend of mine gave her to me when I realized that one of the young pullets I purchased to produce eggs had the wrong plumbing for that purpose. She also laid the biggest chicken egg I've ever seen. I took some online advise and stuffed her parts back inside, applied a little Preparation H and kept her in the dark for a few days. She's given me a normal size egg every day since (two months worth.)

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Thank you. Five of her eggs should hatch tomorrow. This is my first hatch and I was discussing it in the incubation section. I bred her to a Rhode Island Red (I'm pretty sure.)


One of her eggs pipped today and I heard chirping all day. I'm pretty excited.
This is my first flock and I am so excited! My family and I are learning so much. A friend told us black sex links were a good choice. Our only option locally was what they called Black Star sex links. Is this the same thing? I have spent hours and hours researching on-line and have not been able to answer that ? yet!! You all seem so smart, boy do I have some learning to do!!
Thank you for all the great info you have given me so far!!

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