HELP!!!! they are trying to kill her

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    Dec 30, 2008
    can anyone help please, my broody hen who has raised 2 batches of eggs this season, she has finally ditched her last lot of chicks and left them to it, so i thought i would introduce her back into the rest of the flock so she will hopefully start laying again............. but when i put her in the rest of them attacked her, quite savagely, i thought they would kill her, so i rescued her and put her outside of the run, but i really want to have her back in with them,
    any ides on how to make this go more smoothly? shes a lovely dear hen, and done a great job raising two lots of chicks, i dont want them to kill her.
    please please any ideas
  2. ozark hen

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    Create a separate pen out of wire, cage or rig something up in the coop where she can be seen and heard but safely out of reach of the flock. Feed and water her in there for a good two weeks and you should be able to re-introduce her but do it at night when all are on their roosts. Hope this helps you.
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    I did learn from BYC the best way to introduce new hen or in your case the old hen back to the flock by seperating the new bird in an area within the coop if possible, witch will allow to the rest of the birds to see her but can't touch her, like putting her in a big nice gage,where she feels comfy, but be able to see the rest. then free range all of them together, by the time they go back to roost mistory will be solved.
    The other way is by putting your oldhen on the roost at night with the others, and in the morning they won't notice the diffrent.


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