Help this chick has some kind of tumor on its head/eye


9 Years
Oct 14, 2010
It was not born with it. I noticed it about 10 days maybe after it hatched. It just contiues to grow:( Another of the chicks had one on/in its beak and it died it wasnt able to eat anylonger, the tumor grew until it died. The chick seems perfectly healthy except for the tumor. I also have another chick who looks like one is starting to grow. What is it and is there anything I can do. Should I cull the chick? The mother hen is taking care of these chicks, there was nine now eight and if this dies 7
This is a cochin bantam chick

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The only reference I could find was leukosis virus, which would be contagious. I don't see any treatment options for removal unless a vet does surgery and the growth may come back. I would consider quality of life and then determine if this is contagious and will it spread in the flock. Good luck. Cute chick minus the tumor.

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