HELP!! Three broody chicks ... question...

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5 Years
Sep 9, 2014
I have three broody little bantam chicks among a flock of twelve. I have no rooster, but I got some fertilized eggs from a friend. It's about time for them to hatch (there are only three - there were more but they disappeared somehow). So I removed the three eggs and TWO of the chicks that have been broody together the longest (on the same nest). I put them in a separate coop that I use for this purpose or anytime I have to isolate one. My question is, should I leave only ONE of the chicks on the three eggs or will the two do okay together? I'm concerned one might get jealous and hurt one of the other chick or he babies. I have hatched babies one chick mommy at a time but never more than one. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. :)
I've had two hens share duties. I would see how it goes. You can remove one hen if it becomes a problem.

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