Help! Torn eyelid/eye on a pheasant, looks pretty bad


13 Years
Apr 29, 2008

I came home today to find my little one year old golden pheasant hen with her face torn to shreds. There was a lot of blood everywhere and I have a feeling it was either the young male I'm keeping her with or one of the rats that keep breaking into their run.
Anyway, I got her wrapped in a towel and brought her inside to inspect the damage. I can't say it looks like a minor injury. From what I can see it looks like her bottom eyelid has been half torn off and it's now sticking slightly into her eye. She doesn't seem to be able to see very well and is very stressed, so she's in a dark room right now to calm down (I can't put any pictures up now).

I need advice on what to do! How can I clean the wound effectively (soft, damp towels/cotton buds aren't really doing the trick) and what things I should/shouldn't do in regards to the torn eyelid. It's only on the one side and I don't think it's bothering her too much but I don't want to risk her getting an infection or losing her eye completely. And do you think it needs to be seen by a vet?


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