HELP! Toulouse Unwell but 'laid' GROSS Egg! Pic warning - YUK!!!


8 Years
Feb 19, 2011
Suffolk, UK
My Toulouse female has been looking a little unwell over last few days. Slightly humped back and with tail dropped. Kept eating, drinking and preening. Went through 2 days of active nest building but no egg.

Yesterday came out and now off her food and quite lethargic. Looked in nest and found an intact gross membrance about 50cm (20 inches )long filled with mixed egg contents

Started her on antibitoics and she picked up a little but still unwell today. Drinking but only nibbling at her food. Advice given here in UK is that she should respond, now its out of her body, but no recovery apparent yet.

Anybody else with similar experience or advice?

Thanks All


I really don't know but I've seen a lot of people post about weird eggs and problems with it. How old is she? Has she laid normal eggs before? I hope someone with experience with this come along. Sounds like you're doing a lot for her. Good Luck.
OMG! Poor goose!

It really looks a lot like Louises egg from ellas link. It seems Louise laid a lot of different weird eggs but recovered every time and laid normal eggs in between.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Please keep us posted about what happens!
Hi All - Thanks for the support and the advice

Well the first answer is its not her oviduct but was about the length of it, looked horrible but no tissue in it

2 days later and she's 'laid' another membrane with mixed with lots of soft calcium deposits, once again its not pretty and very effective in putting us off eating eggs

Today she seems a little more alert, had a good bath and preened well. Drinking well but only nibbling at the grass. Loads of grit etc and the other goose laying normal eggs so its nothing lacking in the diet. It'll be interesting if another abnormality appears in 2 days when she's due to lay again.


I hope that it isn't the daughter of your Holderread gander doing this as she'd be useful in helping you cement the type you'd like. Have to admit; nearly 40 years with geese and I've never seen anything like this. Like it's all shell membrane or something. Very weird and I sure hope she straightens out for you.
I really hate to say this but here goes. Ive had two geese do that. One had swallowed a nail and it punctured her ovaduct and had caused a growth that was messing up her laying. the other had cancer. I hope neither of these are the case for you. The only way to tell is an endoscope or putting it down.The endoscope is usually not cheap.

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