help, turkey hates my four-yr-old


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I have a Tom, named Kramer, who is about 5 months old, has just recentlly decided that he can't stand my four-year-old. Every time Tommy (son, not turkey!) is outside the darn turkey chases him, tries to peck him, and basically terrorizes the poor thing. I would hate to keep the bird cooped up all the time, but Mama's not okay with this! Any advice?
Perhaps it's to do with the similarity of names. Try changing one of them.
I have a three year old Grandson that plays with my turkeys. I have had one or two that have got agressive in what I call their teen years. They have all grown out of it. Maybe just lock him up until he gets a little older.
I have one Blue slate hen that is a real pain around my 2 year old grandson. He loves the turkeys and will walk without fear into the coop, if the adult toms get in his way he will push them out of the way and they will look at him, gobble and walk away. He has learned to ignore the hen and will tell her "Sparkle BAD! "if she comes near him.

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I have a MW Tom that goes over and chases the neighbors grandchildren but, they seem to enjoy it and my neighbors don't seem to mind. That's the only time he leaves my property.I do lock him down when I see the kids out though. I keep waiting for the kids to come over and ask if Mr. Bachman can play.
i have a tom who always wants to kill me. but he loves my hubby.

all kidding aside - pen up that tom. dont take a chance with your kid. a low fence will keep the tom in, no problem.

good luck!

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