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    Feb 26, 2009
    I am new here... We brought home a little baby turkey from our local Atwoods that could not walk... We've had him now for about 10 days...

    The problem is he cannot walk or stand upright on his legs... One leg appears normal, but the other leg just bends out at the knee joint facing backwards... He will drag the leg if not taped, and will flap and stagger around... We thought he had spraddle leg when we first brought him home, as he had both legs out to the right & left and could not stand... We have taped for the spraddle leg using the bandaid, and have tried the pipe cleaner also... He could stand upright when taped, and walk slightly, but now appears not to be able to stand on his right leg, even when braced... Also, his right foot seems to be in a closed-claw type position, like a person's hands with arthritis... I am sure that is causing him to not be able to brace himself when standing...This problem with the closed-like claw only appeared about 2 days ago...

    We also are giving him a couple of drops of Poly-Vi-Sol each day... We tried to use the Durvet Poutlry Performance Pak vitamins in his water, but he will not drink it...

    Does anyone know what we could try, or perhaps what could be wrong?... It is breaking my heart to see him like this, I sure would like to be able to help him if there is a chance at all...

    Thank you so much for your time...
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    It sounds like a misplaced tendon. If that is the case, there is nothing you can do. I hope I am wrong [​IMG] I have a friend who had one hatch like that too. She was brokenhearted over it.

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