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8 Years
Aug 2, 2011
New Mexico
OK so I really have a delima here... My flock consists of 3 EEger hens and 3 Andalusian Rooster's. That said 2 roosters are currently being housed in what I like to call "Rooster Prison" for attacking my 3 year old daughter my husband and myself! Bobby and Nermal are the two being housed in prison right now... I have to use a stick to keep them back when Im watering them in fear that they will try and peck my eyes out. I know it sounds funny but Im serious.. Bobby is very large and is almost solid black with tail feathers that shine emerald green in the light... Hes sooo BEAUTIFUL but Im sooo scared of him.. Hes very rough with my hens and my other roosters... and he doesnt even have very big spurs yet.. all 6 of them are almost 5 months old now.. (Still no eggs either) The thing i need help with is what to do with the 2 roosters that are in prison.. I cant kill them as its against my beliefs as a respectful animal owner.. But I cant keep them and I cant take the chance to give them to some one and have them be attack either... What do I do!?! Is there people willing to take meaner roosters? Should I keep him and just let him live his life alone in a coop?(It just doesnt seem fair for him to be able to see the other chickens and ducks foraging and him not be able to!) Nermal is much more mellow but doesnt take to kindly to other roosters which is undestandable since Bobby has been picking on him so bad hes lost almost all his tail feathers...Poor guy! But I dont have the money to build 2 other coops...Please some one help me...Any ideas??
Im jsut really at a loss here.. I love them all but because of Bobby my daughter is now afraid of all the chickens... He jumped up and bit her arm!! She bled alittle but nothing to bad.. And now shes frightend of all of them even my sweet little hens..
She use to love them and hold them and carry them every where! and believe it or not she use to carry bobby around as well..
Ok I shall try.. lol but I feel really bad if they bring him back and said he attacked them.. than I would have a law suit on my hands lol
I would post that he is not friendly towards people- Somebody who free ranges might want him to protect the girls, or somebody who is hungry might want him to sweeten the pot:)
He is gorgeous! No you wont have to kill him- I cant do it either. I have always posted on craigslist. If that fails contact your local gun club- they more than likely have a thing to defeather- and since many hunters butcher their own pheasants, they are good at and comfortable processing any bird. Somebody might be happy to take him off your hands. I would post his pics on the what breed or gender forum and try to find out what he is. Then you can list it on your ads. FYI I always use the terms chicken and rooster in my craigslist header so that more people view the ad. It seems to work better for me. I am not an expert as I only have a small pet flock.
Opps- just saw he is andulusian! I would also contact your 4H, they like purebreds. Maybe an older member could safely handle him? I am a teacher and a friend and I hatch yearly at school. We have become chicken homing experts as we like to be able to have students follow where the birds they rasied end up. Good Luck!!
Well I know pretty sure that he is and Adalusian or thats what TSC sold him to me as... and ive researched the breed and he looks identical... So Im going with that lol
Dont think we have a gun club here... But I sure hope some one tells me they want him lol

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