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    Sep 4, 2015
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    last week I lost an EE to something respiratory that lasted a few days. she acted like she had something caught in her breathing passages and couldn't get it out. today I have a RIR that sounds like she has an acute case of bronchitis. very rattley breathing. TREATMENT SUGGESTIONS PLEASE. THANKS.
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    Do you see any bubbly eyes, runny noses, or sneezing?

    When was the last time you wormed your flock?

    I'd separate this chicken immediately. It sounds like you may have something contagious in your flock. It will also help you track her daily state, poops, and eating/drinking amounts.

    Can you swab down her throat with a Q-tip to see if anything comes up? While not common, it's possible to have gape worm.

    For a respiratory illness that claimed a life, I would take the sick chicken to the vet if at all possible and have her tested. A diagnosis would help determining a course of action and treatment. Otherwise, it's pretty hard to treat respiratory stuff without knowing what it is.

    Certain tetracyclines can be used to help check a chicken over illnesses... Tylan, Duramycin, and TerraVet are some good ones usually available at your local feed store or Tractor Supply.

    Seriously, though. Vet for test, if possible!

    Let us know.


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