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  1. Today our ducklings came home from a classroom hatching project. We are so excited as these are our first ducks! We would like so give them creative names being a trio. They are straight run and do not know the sexes yet but I know that will just up the level of creativity! Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!
  2. Some that have already been suggested: Crosby Stills and Nash; Larry Mo and Curly, Uno Dos and Tres.

    Come on and give us some names!
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    May 19, 2012
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    Dec 23, 2011
    When naming my birds, sometimes the "right" name comes naturally. My latest duckling was going to be called Hope, because she survived despite a few problems; but, when ever I went to call her Hope, for whatever reason, I would spontaneously call her Halo: so, she is Halo [​IMG]

    I think what I'm saying is, get to know them, let their personalities develop and the names will come naturally.
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    Consider naming them after famous runners. I have a Russian tortoise named Flo-Jo.
    "Lighting" "Stick-man" "Speed Demon"

    Their names will come to you as you learn their personalities.
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    We let the kids help. Most of the kids picked candy names for some odd reason. My son and I picked Penny and Maggie for ours. The rest we named as their personalities unfolded. Pip our big fatty make Pekin- he is often the first on the scene, bossy...and he was a pipper as a duckling. Pearl is one of my lady Pekins. Her beak is a pale yellow and her feathers are a truer white than the other Pekins. Robyn is a sassy thing, always swooping in to push the babies out of her way, get to the food first and steal food from others...she also has a peculiar feather growing out the side of her head. So we call her in Robyn Hood...stealing from the rich...well mostly she just steals what she wants. haha!

    A friend named one of her ducks Pig because he is first to the food. Do you see any personalities popping out?
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone! I slept on it and have a few names... I am going to watch them a bit and see what happens, that's what I have done with all the chickens, why should it be any different?!? Lol Keep them coming though, you never know what ideas your suggestions might bring...
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    I just picked up two Runners and a Cayuga to add to my mixed flock. My boss has started to buy my extra eggs for my special cakes and other things - pickled for charcuterie platters, etc. - so, I had an excuse to add to my flock despite the surplus of eggs.

    My existing three ducks (two Anconas & a Buff) are all named plant names that are also people names - Poppy, Fern & Heather. I would like the new girls to be similarly named but am having trouble. The process of typing this makes me think about some famous female chefs - Les Trois Gourmands... Julia Child, Simone "Simca" Beck, and Loiusette Bertholle...

    I tried to let the kids name some of our pets. We have a chicken named "Black Streak of Wind", a fish named "Derpy", and a rabbit named "Grey Smudge Longfoot"... Let me tell you, when people say "Cute bunny, what's her name," and you tell them "Oh, that is Grey Smudge Longfoot," because your seven year old WILL NOT let you just call her Smudge, they look at me like I am a little loopy. Not that that is a new look, but I get it so often ("You have ducks?!", "Is that a giant cello?", etc...) that I try to minimize the weird as best I can.

    Good luck with your names.
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    May 19, 2012
    faith, hope and love
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    May 6, 2012
    Almost Heaven WV
    Stretch, Stinky and Fatso
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

    Bibbity, Bobbity and Boo
    Winkin, Blinkin and Nod

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