Help verify this fowlpox probably


6 Years
Sep 4, 2013
Russell Springs Ky
Hello noticed this on 4 of my seventeen turkey, Black bumps and i did see another sore with yellow looking pus Im thinking fowlpox from my research here, there is no sores in her mouth, and they act fine, MY next question is i have raised these antibiotic free up to this point, is there anything i can do without antibiotics. and i seen if they survive they will be ok in a few weeks is this correct and will the black bumps go away if they do survive, sorry for a lot of questions but this is my first year and im lost any input appreciated.

I'm dealing with pox now and the only ones that are getting antibiotics are the ones with the wet form, all those with just dry pox seem to get better on their own. You could try putting some iodine tincture on the scabs, that seems to help them dry up faster.

It's pox. No need for antibiotic unless they become infected. Pox is caused by a virus, antibiotics are useless against a virus.

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