check to see if she is egg bound. you can see the vent "wink" and sometimes the egg will be visible. if this is the case give her calcium and a warm bath.

she may just be injured, they will usually get better on their own if you can keep them eating and drinking. sometimes adding a little sugar to canned creamed corn will get them eating. sometimes adding sugar to water will get them drinking.
im really not sure of what is going on, but make sure she has feed and water. it sounds most like an injury and if its been going on for about 3 days, today through day 5 should be about the worst.

probably the most major cause of leg injuries (other than attacks) is roosts being to high in their coop.

if you can keep her eating and drinking, your chances are good.

i hope im right too. if you have other birds, make sure she is separated from them (just in case).
i don't know if this is a good practice, ive heard of people rubbing absorbtine (horse liniment) on wounded legs.

i have also heard of people giving baby asprin, and im pretty sure this is safe as long as you don't do it a lot.

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