Help We are a little stuck!


6 Years
May 4, 2013
OK this little guy has been working at it for 13 hours and we woke up this morning to this


do we leave her be and let her keep working on it? She is peeping and struggling.
That membrane is pretty dry (where it is turning brown). You could get some warm water and a q-tip and apply some water to the membrane to moisten it, that should help her get out. Don't get any water anywhere near her beak, though! ;) Just dab on some water directly to the membrane.

Is it 13 hours since initial pip, or since she had this much shell cracked off? It can take about 24 hours from initial pip to hatch, so I wouldn't be too worried yet. But she does need some help getting that membrane moistened again so she can break through.
I wouldn't let it struggle any more I would assist the chick. First I would be dampening that membrane with warm water on a cotton bud/qtip. With it being that colour it's drying out and that maybe why the chick can't hatch. Have a read of the assisted hatching it's very good and talks you right through it. Good luck hope it comes out ok.
13 hours since his little beak poked thru the egg shell. (is that pip?)

This is our first time and we let our young (5 month old) broody hen hatch these guys out. I think he is the last.

I am going to run out and just moisten the membrane a little bit and see if that helps.

I really was surprised to see the egg like that this morning, with so much shell gone (almost half) and membrane still intact. None of the others hatched that way.
Your initial pip is where it makes a small crack in the shell it does that so that it can get more oxygen and let the carbon dioxide out. So beak coming through is not your initial pip. Your egg maybe like this as your broody is young and immature she may have trodden on it or being trying to assist the egg herself.
Yep, that initial poke through the egg shell is called a pip. :)

Ok, I would moisten that membrane up good and then check back in an hour or so. If no progress has been made, you might want to help by removing a little of that dried membrane so she can push out. Definitely read through that assisted hatch link Yorkshire posted in case you need to intervene more, though. You don't want to start removing membrane before she's ready or she could bleed. I think with the progress she's made on that shell that she is likely ready to come out, but it's always best to give them a chance to make it out themselves.
Ok we are pretty new at this also. We watched her yesterday poking at the egg like she was trying to get him out we didn't know she should not be doing that (not like we can stop her eh??)

She really is a good mom LOL she is GODZILLA mom when you try to see the new peeps. We are going to go out and just moisten the membrane a little and see if that help.

We went out with our warm water and a qtip to moisten his membrane anddddddddddddddd

HE IS OUT all by himself!!!!!!!

He is breathing and kicking his little feet

YA so glad we didnt have to help him!!!!

thank you everyone for your help!!

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