Help! Weak chicken cannot walk!


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Oct 11, 2017
Dallas, Texas
The last couple of days we have not checked on our chickens because we have been so busy with a lot of things, however when I went out there today I only counted 13 out of the 14 chickens I know we have. I searched around the coop, but could not find any sign that anything had eaten the chicken or that it had escaped. I decided to go ahead and feed and water the rest of the chickens, for they were almost out. When I went to the food I found the chicken. Our food is contained in a large metal circular bin (it kind of looks like a trash can) and leaning on it was another bag of food that did not fit in the bin. That is where I found the 14th hen. Recently my hens have found that they can fly on top of the bin, however this time I think the hen slipped and fell in between the bag and the bin, for that is where she was. She was stuck there plastered in dried mud, and she looked barely alive. I quickly moved the bag out of the way so I could reach her. We bathed her in warm water with a wash cloth and gave her food and water which she started drinking immediately.

She does not seem to be able to walk, but after massaging her legs and bringing them in and out she can wiggle around a little, but can't walk or flap her wings or resist us at all. She has gotten perkier since this morning when we found her, but still hasn't been able to walk or do anything like that. We put her into our "chickery" (a small shed where we let our hens raise their chicks) and placed her own special water and food next to her. She hasn't touched the food much, but has been drinking the water a lot all day. I am not sure what to do with her, or if she will even live, but she doesn't seem to be injured, just dehydrated starved and stiff. Please help!
I would get some Poultry Cell or NutriDrench and give her 3 ml daily. Prop her in rolled up towels, or make her a chicken sling, so she can reach food and water. Try putting a lot of water into a small bowl of her normal feed to make a thin paste. Offer some chopped scrambled egg or tuna. Give her some time, and she might recover. She may have become so dehydrated that she is too weak to stand, but she also may have been getting sick or bullied when she ended up in the spot you found her in. These things can happen to all of us.
We were planning to go to the feed store to pick up some Poultry Cell, however this morning we checked on her, and I am sad to report that she died last night. I feel so bad for her. We found her laying there with her head tucked under her wing. Thanks so much for helping though!

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