**HELP** Weak Gosling? Unhappy UPDATE


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May 18, 2009
Salcha, Alaska
I got my chicks etc from Ideal yesterday and they were mostly ok, but one of the African Gsolings was very weak and she/he does not stand up, but rests on her elbows? She scoots around ok, and has drank...I check on her about three hours ago and she was still like this.

She will stand but the she falls over on to her elbows like she is exhausted, she will also take a few steps but willl sit back down.

Both gossies are very wobbly, but I thought that would be because they were so young?

Any thoughts, she is also shaking her head at intervals...

thanks guys
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Hmmmm, It could be a leg issue or some kind of an infection. I would just keep her drinking and offer some greenery to her and see if she'll take some. Sometimes a baby is born weak and just won't make it past 3 or 4 days.
Did you give them any vitamins? Or you could try putting sugar in the water, to give them a boost. Other than that, I don't know. My shipped goslings were very active when I got them.
How is the baby doing? I would contact Ideal and if something happens they should ship you a replacement (I HATE to say that!) I think you can give them sugar water like chicks.., sounds like it could have been a rough ship
Hope she gets better!!
Hello Everyone

Well I lost both geese within twqo hours of each other, mucus in the mouth and nostrils.

I was not expecting the other goose to die, it seemed healthy running around drinking eating...

Do you think they will replace them, they were quite expensive as they were a pair..?
I hope so they were my Bday pressie from my husband.

I never have any luck with African Geese, is that normal for the breed? Last year we lost a pair two at about two months old, unexplained death?

Im gutted
No, that's kind of odd, I have found geese to be pretty hardy overall. I hatch the occasional really small baby that just doesn't seem to thrive and dies at about 3-4 days but we're talking maybe 2 out of a whole seasons 25-30 babies I hatch.

How long did they take to get to you...at 2 days they do pretty well, at 3 days they start to have issues. Are you SURE they were day olds. Send older then day old on a 3 day trip and you're almost sure to lose them everytime...and this IS the end of the season.....maybe they thought they'd "fudge" it a bit.

Also maybe they were sent with an illness, that shaking the head thing and then the mucous in their airways at death makes me think maybe she was trying to shake the mucous out and they were very sick when they got to you.

I'm sorry, what a crappy thing to happen.
Oh, I'm so sorry that you lost your babies.
I hope that the hatchery sends you replacements. They don't hatch their geese and chicks on seperate days? It seems that most hatcheries won't even send ducks or geese with chicks.
I am sorry you lost the goslings. Did you provide them with deep enough water to rinse their nares and face? Waterfowl need to be able to dunk their heads to clean their nares (nostrils) and eyes.

I hope you can get replacements...if not and you can get a refund, contact Holderread Waterfowl...they carry african geese and many other varieties and are excellent. all of my ducklings arrived the day after hatching and were all healthy and thriving. Their Minimum for shipping goslings is 4, here is their link.

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I think they are done shipping for the season though, but I could be wrong about that. But they do also send young adults once it cools off, I think that's what I'll end up doing. I was going to get 2 pair of blue americans, but I don't have the extra cash right now, and won't till July. I know they'll be done shipping by then!! But their adult prices and stuff isn't that much more than some of their gosling prices, so I may just do that. Then I won't have to wait as long to get babies of my own!

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