Help! weird poop


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Dec 18, 2009
Grand Lake
Yesterday I noticed my 11 month old Barred Rock hen not running around with the rest of the flock. She was laying in the coop in the corner. I go to pick her up and she whimpered. I notice this weird poop that was next to her and some on her belly. It kinda looks like the poop new born chicks have. Its green and has the creme color in it and it is consistency of a booger. It is in small amounts too. I was thinking she may be eggbound but I'm not sure. I really dont want her to die...
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Is her abdomen swollen, when you stand her up does she take an unusual pose? Is she eating and drinking?
The abdomen feels tender and maybe swollen. I tried the warm bath and the hot oil in case she was eggbound. Also I put my gloved finger in the vent and didnt feel anything. She is not eating or drinking. When I stand her up she walks a couple steps and falls forward. It has been like this for about 4 days. At least she is still alive.

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