HELP! What’s wrong with my pullet’s neck!?


Apr 18, 2020
This just started within the last week. I’m still fairly new to chickens (August) & seeing a vet isn’t an option at the moment. We went out of town for about a week for Christmas. We had friends stay to watch & care for our animals. My youngest pullets are still inside our home. This one in particular is about 7 weeks. When I left I thought maybe she just had a full crop. When I got home this is what I came back to. She doesn’t seem to be in pain but is also preferring to rest more than usual so I don’t know. I can’t imagine she’s very comfortable. It doesn’t seem to be her crop that’s the issue. It feels & looks like it’s her neck.

Anyone know what this is/what I should do?

I don’t know if it matters but a few of them are also sneezing now & my cockerel & one other pullet are now breathing with their mouths open. The one picture isn’t but thought it may be worth mentioning.
I do have antibiotics on hand. Not sure if either would help. (Amoxy-Tyl Powder & Baytril 10%)


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If they are sneezing and breathing with mouths open it is probably a respiratory illness or could be worms. Isolate any affected chickens as soon as you can. Buy some wormer and treat (you worm once a year anyway). breathing is often,of this type of infection.
They may have this ^^^^ treat with antibiotics.
Do they have nasal or eye discharge? Are they pooing and eating/drinking normally. Are any of them puffed up or less interested in the surroundings?
Another thing to consider is that she has eaten too much and it is not passing through quickly. Sometimes this can be because she hasn't had enough to drink and the crop is just very full. When a chicken is trying to move stuff through their digestive system, they can do this weird kind of neck movement to try to move it through. That's what it looks like to me (but she is keeping her neck to one side continually rather than the neck "dance" that they do) but I would keep an eye on her crop and smell her breath if it gets squashy. (Sour/sweet smell - not nice - means it is sour crop, no smell and hard - means impacted crop) You will be able to find lots on here about that. I wouldn't rule out crop yet.

If it is just too full, maybe keep her from food for 4 or 5 hours - but plenty of water available - and see if she improves. There are other things to try if you think it is impacted. Do you know if she has pooped?

Keep updating and take photos if things change.

That is my thinking on what I see. Clearly it's based on photos and nothing else.

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