Help... What do I do for GAPE? poor rooster

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    May 12, 2010
    From what I can research online my rooster has gapeworm. He is mute and stretching his neck out and his beak is mostly open... he won't eat. What do i do?? It is a holiday so I don't know if any vets are open... Is it contagious?? Should I remove the infected Rhode Island Red?? The poor guy looks like really stressed out...
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    Sometimes a respiratory infection can look like that as well so check his nostrils for signs of mucous.

    If you get a torch and look down his throat see if you can see any red worms. They are a 'Y' shaped worm that buries its head in the lining of the windpipe. If you do see something, then you know he needs treatment for gapeworm. You can use any medication with either thiabendazole or levamisole in it. Yes, it is contagious. I'd treat the whole flock. They can still pick it up from the soil again later though.
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    Take a Q-tip and gently stick it 1 inch down his throat, swab, gently remove. If you see a red in color "Y" shaped worm on the Q-tip, you'll have your answer. Check for obstructions in his throat first. If it is gapeworm, ivermectin pour on will also kill them. Ozchicken is correct also in that they can spread to your other chickens.

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