HELP WHAT DO I DO NOW? culled sick hens and now looks like others getting sick?

silky ma

12 Years
Sep 14, 2007
Okay. Had a top gal -BLACK JACK- all of the sudden sick with swelling around eyes and some light bubbling. Her breath was not sweet smelling but not rancid. She was acting like nothing was wrong. Thought it was Bacterial so not wanting a vet bill treated her with small chunks of left over Metronidazole and Amoxixillin clav 875 - both are used to treat bacterial infections.

The little bit of foaming in her one eye went away after a week, but the swelling stayed. I usually check my gals weekly but we were in construction mode and missed her and 3 other broody's with swollen and crusty eyes. In one both eyes were totally crusted....not a mite problem. Seeing how I was heading out of town for 4 days and could not find anyone to care for my girls and reading left me believing it might be Coryza I culled my sick girls. I stilled prayed that it wasn't Coryza. I hoped that it was just bacterial and since I culled those I found sick...that was that.

Well It's now a few weeks later I am down to 3 hens and 3 juveniles..2 f 1 m..and in a separate yard a hen with 2 small chicks.
I checked all and found 2 of the small juvies 1m 1f both have varying degree of one ear being swollen but no discharge, and they are acting like nothing is wrong. WHAT DO I DO NOW??????

Do I cull? If I do and then do I need to cull the separate hen with her 2 young chicks since she spent most of her broody time in the communal hen house before all this started...then she was separated and brought inside to hatch and then raise the chicks in a diff yard that the other hen has been in. If this is Coryza then it had to come in via the 3 chicks I picked up at my feed store.

HELP!!! What do I do now?????
I just culled the last of those who are showing symptoms. Everyone was getting sicker. I am left with a silky mom and 2 cochin chicks from a separate yard.
I found a product Oxine AH from Revival Animal Health ...came highly recommended as a disinfectant.

Oxine AH has been tested and proven effective against a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including E.coli, salmonella, parvovirus and more. Utilizes chlorine dioxide chemistry to eliminate odors and kill the bacteria that causes them. May be used everywhere in animal care facilities and confinements. Also can be used for fogging or spraying. With an ultra high activity level, it should be used in low concentrations.

It should arrive very soon and I will disinfect the coop and yard and pray that my gal that is in a separate yard doesn't become sick.
took my last hen and her 2 chicks to my vet. Told him what happened and asked him to check on these last 3 . He takes care of all the wild chickens in old towne fair oaks, and is the only vet I trust with all my family members. His thoughts are something came in on wild birds either the scrub jays or the doves. All I can do now is to continue keeping my 3 out of the other part of the yard, disinfect everything with the oxine and if symptoms start to appear in one of the last 3 bring them in ASAP. I let him know that that part of the yard won't be used again till next year and I will be getting another small coop for these 3 till then. He is hoping it isn't west Nile or avian bird flu that has been taking the lives of some birds like the crows and the magpies.

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