HELP!!!...what do i do with this broody hen!!!??????


Jul 22, 2011
i have had chickens for a year now...i have a gold laced wyandotte that is broody!...i have NO roosters...i collect eggs soon as they are she is sitting there for hours on nothing!!...first i thought she was just talking a long time to lay an i know she is broody....i have pulled her out of the lay box all day.....cooled her in a bucket of water...closed the coop door.....she just broke through the door and managed to get back in!...what do i do with her...she si so determined to get back and sit in that empty box...should i keep trying to keep her out??..or should i get her some fertilized eggs to hatch???...i feel so bad for her...and i am afraid she will hurt herself!...please help!!!...thanks!
Two choises
one the best imo give her some fertile eggs
two just leave her she will come out of it but it may take about a week or two
My girl has been broody for almost a month I also take the eggs as they are layed but she took two golf balls and rolled them under her she hasn't layed an egg almost 2 weeks I also tried to sneek a baby chick under her as she slept with no such luck
she just sits there all day with no egg under her! i chased her out ALL day...once she crawled under the door 3 times...(.i still dont know how she did it!).....i gave up and let her sit there.....then i found an egg under her that she laid!...(she hasnt laid an egg in a couple weeks!!) is she broody or not??...does she just want to be lazy and lay there all day???...i read they wont lay eggs if they are broody!??...i dont know what to think now!
The 5ft. Rat snake that showed up in the nest beside my broody hen broke her real fast!!!!! My boys think we should get a rubber snake to put out for the next broody!!
Good luck!!
I've always heard to put her in a pen without a nest box or nesting material (just mesh or wood floor) and it'll break her broodiness since there'll be no place to have a nest. I think she might be starting to go broody but still laying to build her clutch, but I'm really new at all this! If I were you I'd buy some fertile eggs and pop them under her for her to hatch
dont feel bad you dont have to get fertile eggs.

broodiness is very common in hens, even without roosters... some breeds are broody more than others. you should seperate her from the others. kepp her in a small cage (like a dog crate). raise it above the ground with food and water and a perch. she should be broody for a few days, every two days check, keep in mind looks can be decieving she could be broody again within a few hours. she will not lay for about a week, so dont be afraid if she stops laying!

any questions, just send me a pm!
you ROCK jallny !!!!!....with your help, this is the first milly has been off her butt in i dont know how long!!!..your the BEST!!!!

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